Monday, September 3, 2007


Summer in Big Sky is now officially over with the close of business on Labor Day. It was a good summer with lots to do and lots of business. Kiel Moser is now busy getting the on-line grocery store going. We are PSYCHED! I'll let you all know when you can "go shopping" and help us evaluate the system and ease of use.

Jen and Kyle can then "dream" that they're shopping.

Now I'm getting serious about plans for the fall...heading to Carolyn's in September, October trip to San Diego to sail with Craig then back to Provo for conference. Another trip to Atlanta in November for Jackson's baptism, and hopefully a few days in the sun in Florida during the same trip (that remains to be seen, though).

Have a great night! Love you all.....Mama


kylejennyabby said...

Love to see new things on your blog! :) We would be more than happy to help out with pretend shopping and dream about our cupboards being filled with delicious American food.

Carolyn Hansen said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better. Labor Day feels a little like the day after Christmas to me. I do love the Fall but am a little sad to see the fun summer come to an end. SO HAPPY you are blogging again!

Craig said...

Wait a minute.... online grocery store! This is cool. I am so proud of my geeky parents joining me in the ranks of geekdom.