Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Never-Empty House.

Having Kyle, Jen and Abby depart the same day with Kurt left us a bit vacant for, oh, 12 hours or so! Rich Congdon arrived on Thursday with Steve and then on Saturday, Robbie, Sarah, Gwen and Grace arrived, too. It's fun visiting with old friends in-between holiday weekend work schedules.

We're finally moving into proper offices for the store. 2 offices above the store -- one for Steve and one for me. YEAH! No more office in the bedroom, kitchen, laptops in the bathrooms and garages. Can't wait to use them. They're "nearly there". Kiel Moser finished the scanning system for the store and it's up and running well. Now he's working on the "on-line" grocery store which was to have been done LAST winter. Can't wait! That should be a good thing for this winter. Kiel really takes to a project well.

My back continues to improve (for those who don 't know). I have a spinal stress fracture and a hip going bad. Physical therapy appears to be working though. I actually worked a whole day yesterday. Getting old isn't for the weak!

Love to you all.

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Carolyn Hansen said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new digs!