Sunday, February 18, 2007


Went to West Yellowstone this week (a couple of times) hoping to buy a small motel to convert to a "family vacation resort". Sorry to say that it was not up to par. We'll keep searching. How about four boats docked together somewhere WARM!

Worked like slaves all week and weekend. President's Week is a busy time, but it was worth it (translates to "cha-CHING!")

Snow FINALLY came to Big Sky and the ski conditions are great. The guests are smiling and happy (must be the snow...couldn't be all the beer and wine).

Christmas tree finally came down!

Missionaries came to Big Sky and lo and behold one was the GRANDSON of Art and Sarah Smith from Rhode Island. Small, small world. Another coincidence...Kurtis Moser is dating Carissa Madura (for those old enough to remember, the Madura family lived in RI until 1988). Carissa is here with us this weekend, her parents live in Washington State very near where Uncle Craig has his boat and Sister Madura (Carla, the Mom) was born in Bozeman. YIKES!


Well, it's official! The Lone Poop Leakout -- sorry -- The Lone Peak Lookout (local newspaper noted for getting many unconfirmed stories from unreliable sources) announced the expansion of The Country Market Grocery in their "Progress in Big Sky" special edition of the newspaper this weekend. Thought you might like to see the architect's rendering of the "new" store.


Since I don't know how to use this "blogger thing", I thought I'd start with the only "BIG SKY" picture I have at my finger tips. Hmmm...I might like this after all. I can play the "remember when"? game long distance.


When in Rome....Just figured that we'd try to keep in touch the way of the world!