Sunday, September 16, 2007

On the go....

I headed to Altanta on Thursday, with a little trepedation (hoping my back would hold out for the trip). NO problems with the flight! Yeah. Although I flew out of Bozeman instead of heading to SLC for a "cheap" flight. It was a good day. Life in Atlanta is hazy, hot and humid. No I remember why I like Big Sky so much. Sun, Sun, Sun, even in the freezing cold winter it's sunny. I can't believe I'm already on day four here. Carolyn is working like crazy while I'm here...six staight days. She still manages "activities" though -- running, school events, birthday parties, funraising, etc. I get tires watching her! (So, I lay down and take a nap...hee, hee!)

I guess things are OK at the store in my absence. No news is good news. Since Kate can't go to church, I'll be staying home with her this morning. Score AGAIN!

Have a great day! Talk to you all soon.

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Craig said...

Carolyn makes me tired too! I am glad to hear your back is doing well, Mom.