Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life in the fast lane...

So, we go to the hairdresser with Kate and she smiles through the whole procedure of getting her head shaved... Me? I try not to cry like a baby! Although it was hard to be sad when she thought the whole adventure was a lark and giggled through the whole thing. Today she's still checking out whether we all notice she's still bald. It's pretty funny, actually. Today she was all dressed up like a Princess, wand, high heels, big smile and bald head. I reached for my camera and, of course, DEAD BATTERY! I'm going to try to get her to put on a repeat performance tomorrow for the camera.

Jackson had a 50th anniversary at his school tonight. The theme (of course) required a 50s costume. Jason decked Jackson out and slicked his hair into a ducktail! You'll have to wait for Carolyn's blog to see the results...I won't steal the thunder.

Ava had a blast today locking me out of the house and then letting me back in. The little monster! She's a kick, that's for sure.

Tomorrow is "curry night" at the Hansen's. Carolyn is going to make it herself! Then the next time I come (or she comes to Big Sky!) SHE can do the honors... I did, however, grace Sunday dinner with Grandma Reichstetter's pot roast (eat your heart out, Steve!)

Other than that I've been a laundry-doing slug. I MUST finish the mystery novel that I started though. Once I get back to Big Sky I'll NEVER finish it!



Thanks for the teasers about Carolyn's upcoming posts... they sound fun. Sounds like you had a good trip.

Craig, Brenda & Jack said...

Give hugs and kisses from Uncle Craig & Aunt Brenda to all. Can't wait till you come to sunny San Diego!