Saturday, October 6, 2007

Go figure!

We are using General Conference as a jumping off point for a vacation. Heading from Big Sky to Provo, then to the California Coast and a drive down. Sounds good, eh? We were going to drive the "baby car" and really tear up the coast in the sports car. Again, sounds good, eh? Well, no one mentioned that Big Sky was going to have a SNOW STORM just as we were getting ready to leave. Bad weather straight through to SLC for the whole weekend. I big front was coming through. what? Time to punt. Papa quickly drove to Bozeman, got a trailer for the S2000 and hooked it up to the Suburban! Never try to thwart a California vacation!@ So we drove slowly and ended up in Provo 8 hours later. Hah! Tomorrow night we head out to the Nevada desert to head to Monterey where Papa went to Defense Language school so I can see that part of his life and then head to San Diego to meet Craig and Brenda for a bit of a sailing vacation. No photos yet, but they'll come! Have a great conference weekend.